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SCSPEB is celebrationg its 25 years (Silver Jubilee) on March 22, 2018.                                   Under GREP project missing facilities and construction work completed in 25 schools of Jafferabad district.                                   SCSPEB conducted training of 50 GREP focused school teachers of district Ziarat and 25 schools of district Jafferabad.                                   Conducted training of 76 teachers on joyful learning and 22 teachers on content based curriculaum.                                   Under ELP project 14 school administrators were capacitated.                                   4 Upper Primary and 8 Readiness Classes initiated in Refugee Villages of Quetta slums.

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Our Core Values


   Commitment to organization

   Belief in team work


   Abiding SCSPEB rules and regulations

   No misuse of organizational name and resources

   Respect custom, culture and values

   Factual reporting

   No discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, gender, religion and nationality

   No short cuts, no favors, no pressures and no personal benefits from community

   No involvement and promotion of political and religious agenda from
        organizational platform.

   Modest, simple neat and tidy dressing in office and field.

   Strict prohibition of usage of drugs.

   Strict avoidance of abusive language.

   Strict avoidance of conflict of interest.